The Importance Of Good Photography In Social Media

An image is worth a thousand words. For over a century the notion that a picture can convey a complex message much faster than text has been around. As human beings, we are more responsive to images even though we may not admit it. Images can bring out feelings of happiness, excitement, disgust, and curiosity amid other expressions.

Why is Photography so Important

With the arrival of social media, pictures have become a universal communication that all people globally can connect with. The social media photography has been proved to be more engaging compared to use of plain text. Pictures are the highly used type of content shared on Facebook which is the most common social media. Photos account for close to 75% of the overall content shared on Facebook pages globally.

Photos make the most exciting type of content on Facebook with an average gigantic interaction rate of 87% of their users. Photos took the lion share compared to any other kind of content.Twitter is a high text chat, adding a photo to your tweet can increase retweets by close to 35%. When you simply add a photo to a tweet, you will raise the engagement to nearly twice.

Brands are making use of pictures to connect with their consumers while staying true to their brand — good photography aids in creating relationships using digital imagery.

Below we enumerate the importance of good photography on social media:

First impressions count

Social media has significantly impacted on the importance of good photography in the modern world. Humans are victims of first impressions.


We glance, judge, and make up our mind. In the first few seconds of looking at a picture, a social media user decides whether it is worth perusing further to your social page. If you are aiming for a stop at the page and not a scroll, be certain to set the best first impression with great photography.

Standing out from the crowd

In modern marketing, original content is vital for brand identity. One cannot create own identity using someone else’s pictures.

Seeking the hand of an experienced photographer in social media to capture pictures and engaging in campaigns strategies unique to your business will help you in expressing your values and show your fans that you are different from the others. Customers will relate and remember your business if you create a memorable brand identity.

An image speaks louder than words

A picture speaks a thousand words and this is the central focus in social media marketing. Images have the ability to control the human mind and thus, when pictures are properly used, they can lead to deep emotional connections among the visitors to your website.


An image expresses what your business offers to customers; it also grants you an opportunity to showcase your standards and values. Social media channels are a bridge through which you can let your followers know who you are and what you stand for, so ensure you relay your message with genuine, original, and high-quality photography.