How To Adjust Clip-On Earrings

Earrings are among the most used jewelry today.They can be used on the ears, nose, navel, etc. They bring out some class in the wearer and make them look beautiful. There are so many types f earrings ranging from Hoop earrings, Dangle earrings, Barbell earrings, Huggy earrings, Ear thread, etc. Clip-On earrings are also a unique type of earring that women have used since the Victorian Era.

Anyone can use clip-on earrings.There are those made for children, others for men and others for women. The Clip-On earrings are also common because of their adjustable nature. You can loosen or tighten the Clip-On earrings according to the size of your earlobes. Also in this article, we are going to discuss how to adjust Clip-On Earrings.

Clip-On earrings may come in various forms, the paddle clip, hinged, etc. We are going to discuss how to loosen or tighten the paddle clip.

How to loosen a the paddle clip.

A paddle clip has three prongs. The 2 outer prongs hold the earring to the clip at the back. The middle prong is what determines the pressure and tension on your earlobe. To loosen the Clip-On earring with a paddle clip, you will handle the three prongs.


Maybe you purchased Clip-On earrings with a paddle clip and found out that they were uncomfortable because of being too tight, you can loosen the earrings a bit by using the following procedure;

1. Use a screwdriver to lift the middle prong up. This is to make it reduce the pressure and tension on your earlobe.

Remember, just a small lift of the middle prong results into a wider gap in the Clip-On earring; you must, therefore, keep trying on the Clip-On earrings after a single lifting of the middle prong.

  • Loosening the Clip-On earrings is that simple.
  • How to tighten the paddle clip of the Clip-On earring.

The Clip-On earrings might either be loose when you buy them, or you might have over loosened them. To make sure they fit your earlobes appropriately giving comfort, you can use the following procedure;

1. Gently squeeze the outer prongs using plies till they pop out.

2. Press in the middle prong till it lies flat with the out two pongs.

3. After they are flat, you can then reattach the paddle clip to the earring holder by placing them to their holes and gently pressing in the paddle clip.

Just as in the case of loosening the Clip-On earrings, you should keep trying on the earrings to make sure they fit you appropriately. To make sure that your clip-On earrings can be adjusted, there some issues you must consider when buying the clip-on earrings;



Manufacturers of clip-on earrings are different. There those that make clip-on earrings from hard metals and those that use softer metals. Clip-On Earrings made from hard metals are easier to adjust than those with softer metals. You may end up destroying the clip-on earrings when loosening or tightening them.


Before thinking of adjusting the clip-On earrings, you must be sure that the clip-On earrings are actually your size. Adjust clip-On earrings that are within your size range to make sure you get the desired results.Kids’ clip-on earrings will not be comfortable enough for an adult no matter how much you loosen them.

Adjusting the clip-On earrings is that easy; so do dispose of the clip-On earring simply because they feel uncomfortable, tighten or loosen them appropriately and save that extra coin.