How To Choose The Right Healing Crystal For You

Just as derived from their name, healing crystals are naturally occurring rock formations which possess energy frequencies enabling them to heal, clear and charge people and their environments. Our bodies produce vibrations that align with the crystal vibrations, allowing us to connect our conscious thoughts to our body.

Thus, when placed close to our bodies, the vibrations stimulate the release of free healing energy to our soul and body.

There are different types of healing crystals, say; Jasper, Obsidian, quartz, Turquoise, and more. Each has a unique ability to heal the body, mind, and the soul. In modern technology, healing crystals get incorporated in jewelry, cosmetics, amulets, and decorative statues.


They dispense their healing ability freeing us from mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. Most people have no idea of the existence of these healing crystals. Thus, read more to know how to find your unique crystal that will suit you the most.

1. Identify what you feel you are missing

It is important that you take note of your physical and emotional feelings. The rock crystal that you choose should be able to relate to your sensation.

Whether you are feeling anxious, week, low, sick, or you have lost purpose, there is a crystal stone that will identify with your emotional and physical state.

2. Let your intuition guide you

Sometimes, you are fated to develop a physical pull towards something. Thus, you have to let your inner subconscious dictate what you want. At times, you may depend on your eyes to select the most alluring crystal. After you pick what appeals to your mood and sight, it is easy to develop the connection you want.

3. Review the intrinsic properties of the crystals


The essential features of the crystal should match your manifestation. Determine whether the stone will deliver as intentioned and how well its effects are appropriate to your situation.

4. Consider your magical intentions

Whatever magic you want to harness will dictate what crystal suits your condition. Squeeze the different crystals on your hand and feel the energy that emanates from them. You should be in a position to derive the most from the crystal that you choose.

Besides their healing properties, crystals are renown for their enchanting beauty. Select the crystal that brings out the best in you both health wise and also for a fascinating experience.